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In operation since 1991, we specialize in supporting meditators in all wisdom traditions, artists in all mediums, and people going through a life transition.

The most striking qualities of the retreat are silence, clean air and pure water from our well. We are very remote, twelve miles from the nearest town, population 1,268, over mostly one-lane dirt roads, with few sights or sounds of man to disturb the natural scene and a sense of time slowed nearly to a standstill.

On the lip of the canyon is a bathing area with a view of the Chanchelulla Wilderness Area, and two bathtubs side by side allow couples to soak leisurely under the stars.

In 2018 we will be hosting group retreats that may involve occupancy of all three cabins. Between these retreats we’ll be scheduling individual self-retreats of a month or longer, although we will accept guests for a minimum stay of two weeks, subject to availability.


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