Frequently Asked Questions

Is there internet and phone connectivity at the retreat?

While Sprint and AT&T don’t work in our area, Verizon offers good signal strength from its transmission tower two miles away. Two options are available, both requiring a data plan. Come with a prepaid Verizon phone and a jet pack or use the mobile hotspot (ify you have one on your phone – nowadays most do) on your smart phone and with either one you can obtain internet access on your phone and laptop.

Are there grocery stores within a comfortable driving distance?

It’s a forty minute drive over four miles of paved two-lane road and eight miles of one-lane unpaved Forest Service road to the town of Hayfork where there are two supermarkets and a health food store. Organic produce is available at the Farmer’s Market on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

What other services are available in Hayfork?

A clinic, laundromat, hardware store,  post office, bank with ATM, two delicatessens, three restaurants, a coffee shop and two bars which often feature live dance music on weekends.

Any streams nearby?

A fifteen minute drive from the retreat is a small stream in a remote hilly area. A forty- five minute drive from the retreat is the Trinity River where one can swim and fish.


While there are no designated hiking trails as such, nearby are abandoned logging roads where one can bike, walk or jog.


Squirrel, fox, raccoon, bob cats, bear and mountain lion, none of which have posed any danger to us in our thirty-three years on the mountain.

Recreational Facilities?

Guests are welcome to join the Thursday evening gatherings where retreat residents play games, have a potluck dinner, read aloud from spiritual text and poetry, build a campfire, sing, and play live music. These events takes place in a secluded location and will not disturb guests who prefer silence.

Other socializing possibilities?

A writers group meets on Sunday afternoons, open to anyone who is writing.

Communication Services?

It is our longstanding policy that guests who wish to remain in silence during their stay may leave messages in an agreed-upon spot regarding needs they may have or attention that is required to their accommodations. A staff person retrieves these messages on a regular basis and takes care of what is needed. If this leads to face to face interactions, communication can be done through writing in order to avoid speech.

Temperature and Weather?

Bring layered clothing. Days may be warm but nights are cool. Temperatures at 4400 feet are cooler than those in the valley. Since global warming, highs range from about 75 degrees (F) in May to the high 90’s during the warmest days in late July early August. Lows at night generally range from around 44 degrees to 54 May through August.

Rain is nearly non-existent in summer, with occasional brief thundershowers in late August and September. We are closed from December first to May first except for persons doing long winter retreats by arrangement. See details›


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