Winter Retreat Cabin


Here's what retreatants have to say about Silver Springs Mountain Retreat:

Alex: "How can I make enough offerings to return the love this place has given me?... To sum up, my retreat was the most meaningful experience in my life and I heartily recommend six months on the mountain to anyone who has the guts to try it.... During my retreat I took walks almost daily through the forest. Here are the flora and fauna I observed..." See More›

Richard: I know this is really a very superficial description of a wondrous period of retreat, but I do not know how to describe the important inner processes and transformations.  It's a bit like being a newlywed after a sweet and deeply-bonding honeymoon: one can describe what happened outwardly, but the deep intimacy and joy in oneness cannot much be talked about.” See More›

Robert: “I stock up on dry goods, grains and powdered milk and a good supply of firewood and pass my winters in blessed solitude. Months pass in silence during which I am blessedly alone for contemplation. I understand that this year a hardly couple will be wintering here and will be available for assistance if required.” See More›

Dolphin: "I have spent two winters on the mountain myself, awed to be constrained in my familiar world by the necessary surrender to the deep drifting whiteness." See More›

Other notes:

  • Shasta Cabin is a two-story, 16' x 24' insulated, sometimes snowbound winter retreat cabin.

  • Water in the sink is cold water. To wash dishes one needs to heat up water on the stove.

  • Trash, recycle removal and propane are included in the monthly rent, as well as water and electricity.

  • Outdoor privy

For complete information and to check availability:

Call: W.K. Dolphin, owner
Silver Springs Mountain Retreat
(707) 496-8840

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